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The world's No. 1 most widely installed home medical alarm service

Philips Lifeline has been protecting the independence of thousands of people for decades and continues to be the most trusted personal emergency response service in the U.S.

Other medical alarm companies and products have sprung up on the Internet, but only Philips Lifeline
 has the experience and expertise to provide their subscribers with truly reliable and professional personal emergency response. 

Don't be lured by low Internet prices from suspect alarm companies.  There are many good reasons why Philips Lifeline continues to be the #1 most widely used medical alarm system and service.

Why Lifeline?

People that choose Philips Lifeline know that they can trust our Call Center Operators to expertly handle the many types of emergencies that can happen in the home.  That expertise comes from years of developing the best equipment, procedures, and service than any other medical alarm company. 

Why else would doctors, hospitals, caregivers, and numerous other healthcare professionals recommend Lifeline more than any other service?  Their reputation is on the line and that's why they trust Lifeline for their

Philips has also developed the ONLY fall detecting Personal Help Button available anywhere.  That is why the new AutoAlert Help Button accounts for a large percentage of new customers. 

What You Can Do

Call us today to learn more about how you can protect yourself or a loved one with the Philips Lifeline System.

For a little over a dollar a day, with no other fees attached, you can have Lifeline installed and operating within 48 hours.

NO Long Term Contract
NO High Pressure Sales
NO Equipment Costs
NO Hidden Fees 

Our staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have and assist with selecting the service that is right for you. It doesn't take a lot of time and you'll be glad that you called. 

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