The world's No. 1 most widely installed home medical alarm service
The Button

Known as the 'Personal Help Button' - or PHB - this small, attractive, waterproof device can be worn either as a necklace or bracelet. When pushed, the PHB sends a signal to the tabletop Communicator which then dials out to the Lifeline 24-hour Emergency Call Center.

We often refer to the Personal Help Button as a 'seatbelt' for the home. A seatbelt in the car is a lifesaver in an emergency - likewise, the PHB is a lifesaver in the home when you need it most. 

Visit the section of this site that discusses the NEW! Auto Alert Personal Help Button...


The Communicator

The tabletop Communicator is placed in the home in a central location and connected to the telephone line. It dials the Lifeline Emergency Call Center automatically when it receives a signal from a users Personal Help Button.

This hi-tech device then becomes a 'speakerphone' by allowing the Lifeline Emergency Operator to communicate with the person in the home by asking if 'everything is OK'? The Operator can hear the resident speak back, even though they may be a room or two away from the Communicator.

In a power outage or should the Communicator become unplugged, a built-in battery backup takes over, maintaining power to the unit. The Communicator can also automatically notify the Emergency Call Center of any system problems.

Our Operators

Philips Lifeline Operators are a very significant part of what makes up the Lifeline service.  They are highly trained in areas of personal interaction and emergency response.

When our operators receive an alarm signal from one of our users, they have immediate access to that person's vital information including address, local 9-1-1 dispatch phone numbers, medical details, and phone numbers of family, friends, and neighbors who can assist in an emergency.

No medical alarm service can match the level of expertise and efficiency of a Lifeline Emergency Operator.  For this reason alone, choosing Lifeline makes everyone feel more safe and secure.