The world's No. 1 most widely installed home medical alarm service

The Philips Personal Medication Dispenser

Highly Reliable Medication Dispensing
and Monitoring for Compliance


Large Medication Capacity:

    > Dispenser Cups can hold 20-25 pills each
    > Up to 60 Cups can be Pre-Loaded
    > As many as 6 Cups dispensed daily

Safe and Clearly Announced Dispensing:

    > Each Dose is announced by Voice & Tone
    > Red light and Text Message also appears
    > All Medications are securely locked inside
    > System alerts by phone when time to re-load
    > Battery Backup has 18 hours of power

Missed Doses Receive Immediate Action:

    > System is Monitored 24/7 by our Call Center
    > System calls caregivers by phone
       when medications are missed