The world's No. 1 most widely installed home medical alarm service
Q:  I'm hesitant to start using this type of service because I don't think I'll ever use it. Why sign up?

We hope our customers NEVER need to use their System. But with just one bad accident in the home, the chances of your returning home with all of the independence you had before that accident greatly diminishes. Getting help quickly when you need it can insure a positive outcome and a return home to where you belong.

  How do I know that the Lifeline System is always working?

A: The System will send warning signals to the Emergency Call Center if it is losing power or if the Personal Help Button battery is starting to get low.

Q:  What if I accidentally trigger an alarm when there's no emergency?

A: That's never a problem. When the Emergency Operator answers the call, just tell him or her that you activated it by accident and they will politely disconnect with you.




Q:  Can I wear my PHB button in the shower or bath?

A: Absolutely, and you SHOULD wear it while bathing as that is a place where you may need it the most.

Q:  How often will my monthly rate go up?

A: Never. The monthly rate you start with is the monthly rate you will have for as long as you have your Lifeline System...guaranteed.

Q:  Who does the Emergency Operator contact in case of an emergency?

When your service is set up, we will obtain from you the names and phone numbers of family, friends, and neighbors that you would like contacted - and of course, local emergency services are always on the list.

Q:  Why can't I just use the telephone to call for help when I need it?

A: Because you may find yourself in a predicament where you can't make it to your telephone - and it's not realistic to think that you can carry a phone around with you all the time. Also, you can't take a phone into the shower with you.
Q: What makes Lifeline the right choice for me?

A: Many things:
> Industry leading Operator response times

> Specialized Operator Training and Certification

> State of the art equipment that meets UL and FDA standard

> FREE added features such as remote programming, profile updating, and problem reporting

> FREE month of service for every new customer referral

> LOW monthly cost with NO equipment costs

> Auto testing system for reliable performance when it's really needed 

> Endorsed by thousands of hospitals, doctors, rehab facilities, caregivers, and healthcare professionals nationwide.